Zawdi MC

Inspired by his mother, a vocalist in reggae music, Zawdi started out grabbing the mic on suitable occasions and locations to show his ways at the tender age of only six years old.

Years later, during a holiday in 2001, his talent got noticed and got encouraged to pursue his dreams within the industry. Zawdi achieved to become an appreciated name in the small world of quality MC's and managed to get crowds ecstatic in clubs all over the world.

His stunning vocals supported the sets of DJ's like Afrojack, Chuckie, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Quintino, Sander van Doorn , Laidback Luke, Fedde Le Grand and many more.

Zawdi's talent and skills, two of his highly recognizable assets, are also acknowledged and praised by international big shots like Steve Angello, AN21, Dennis Ferrer and Keri Chandler. To no surprise, thanks to the same talent and skills, and combined with his true passion and perseverance, Zawdi is now taking the world by storm!